Pinarello Paris Di2 Ultegra

Product Description

Introducing a revolutionary bicycle, the Pinarello Paris Di2 Ultegra, with an innovative geometry meticulously crafted to ensure the utmost comfort for every cyclist, regardless of their size. Embracing the cherished racing spirit of Pinarello, this masterpiece stands apart from the DOGMA and PRINCE models through its remarkable Reach and Stack dimensions. The team at PinaLab has flawlessly achieved a perfect balance, elevating the bike’s strength and maneuverability without compromising on its unparalleled responsiveness—a true essence of a top-tier road model.


  • Sizes (cm): 51 / 54 


Brake Calipers:
Sistema de frenado de disco RAD
Frame Type:
Carbono T600 UD
    • Price 5249€ 6999€


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we guarantee the following on all our used bikes

As a general rule, all of our used bicycles are thoroughly cleaned, serviced and lubricated before being sold to the general public. To ensure that they are in perfect working order, we will replace if necessary, chains, cables, disc brakes or brake pads and tyres.


We presently provide a long-term rental package with many additional features than our standard bike rental service. These include a yearly general maintenance check-up on the bike, free parking at any of our locations for the duration of the rental, exclusive use of the bicycle for the period of the rental, and the opportunity to purchase the bicycle at any time. Furthermore, the bike frame will be covered by a warranty that will extend from the date we purchased the bike until it expires. If you have any questions concerning this service, please contact us and we will gladly answer them.