Physiotherapy and Osteopathy for Cyclist

If you need an osteopathy and physiotherapy session, we recommend the hands of an expert in these fields!


Dominik Omiotek has more than 15 years of experience in physiotherapy and osteopathy at the highest level. He works with cyclists of various levels, from amateurs to world tour professionals. He graduated from the Faculty of Military Medicine at the Medical University of Łódź and has completed numerous trainings and courses at schools around the world.

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Experience the benefits of personalized positioning:

  • Improved comfort: Say goodbye to discomfort and pain during walks.
  • Improved Performance: Unlock your full potential and drive with power and efficiency.
  • Injury Prevention: Minimize the risk of strain and injury with proper alignment.
  • Maximum efficiency: Drive longer and faster with less effort.
  • Increased Confidence: Ride with confidence knowing that your bike is perfectly tailored to you

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Bike Point (Las Américas)
  • Av. Quinto Centenario s/n, Edificio las Terrazas
  • 38660 Las Américas
  • Tenerife, Canary Islands
  • T: (+34) 922 796 710
  • Open Monday to Sunday: 09:00h - 13:00h / 14:00h - 18:00h
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  • Festive Season Opening Times:
  • Open: 24/12/2024   09:00-15:00hr
  • Open: 25/12/2024   10:00-16:00hr
  • Open: 31/12/2024   09:00-15:00hr
  • Open: 01/01/2024   10:00-16:00hr
Bike Point (El Médano)
  • Av. José Miguel Galván Bello 28
  • 38612 El Médano
  • Tenerife, Canary Islands
  • T: (+34) 922 176 273
  • Open Monday to Saturday: 09:00h - 13:00h / 14:00h - 18:00h
  • Shop closed on Sundays
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  • Festive Season Opening Times:
  • Open: 24/12/2023    09:00-15:00hr
  • Closed: 25/12/2023
  • Open: 31/12/2023    09:00-15:00hr
  • Closed: 01/01/2024
Bike Point (Callao Salvaje)
  • Hotel Mynd Adeje
  • Calle El Jable 36
  • 38678 Callao Salvaje
  • Tenerife, Canary Islands
  • Open Monday to Friday: 09:30h - 11:30h
  • Shop closed on Saturdays & Sundays
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  • Festive Season Opening Times:
  • Open: 25/12/2023    10:30-13:00hr
  • Open: 01/01/2024    10:30-13:00hr
  • Closed: 01/01/2024

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