History of Bike Point Tenerife

The history of Bike Point Tenerife started with Christophe, Harald and Bjørn started Bike Point in 2007. It actually grew out of an unfortunate situation. We have been doing business together since 2000 in a windsurfing centre based on the ground level of the former hotel Calimera, the Atlantic playa hotel (now known as Hotel Arenas del Mar) on the north beach of El Médano. Our windsurfing shop and rental centre Fun Factory El Cabezo was working great until, in 2006, the owners of the hotel decided to sell the complete hotel. Not a great situation as we were on the street with about 100 sails, 60 windsurfing boards and a big collection of clothing and accessories from our surf shop. A different location, big enough and with an access to a beachfront was non-existing. This was the direct reason we decided to rent the cheapest location in town, big enough to fit all of our toys and started selling of all the kit at cost price or less. Very dark days until we teamed up again with positive attitude. The start of Bike Point El Médano. Our passion for the cycling sport, knowhow, service and friendly staff have proven to be the correct attitude for the future. We hope we can share our experience and passion with you soon in one of our bike shops and rental centres of Bike Point Tenerife.


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