Cycle with elegance with one of these SIDI cycling shoes

One of the mythical brands in the world of cycling shoes is the Italian Brand SIDI. For over 50 years they have being combining their pasion of cycling with that of innovative cycling footwear. The brand originally started out 1960 manufacturing handmade footwear for mountain sports, however, by the 70s the began to spacialise in cycling footewar for cycle enthusiasts and motorists.

Today cycling enthusiasts recognize it as one of the most prestigious brands in the manufacture of shoes. Proof of its quality finishes are the models Shot and Genius 7 that can be found in the Bike Point stores.

The SIDI Shot is 2017’s top model. The best to come out of this Italian house this year:

Sidi Genius Cycling Shoes

Microfiber TechPro: It is a Microfiber PU made in Italy and is considered a very technological, innovative and ecological leather. Suitable for technical footwear that requires high-performance levels. Its properties include resistance, stability, lightness, water repellent and ecological.
 Close double Tecno 3 Double seam is inserted in a unique base, making it easy to place and remove them. The central mechanism creates a perfect balance of tension between the inner and outer side of the shoe. The symmetrical mechanism ensures excellent sealing that fits on each instep. An innovative button added to buckle the monofilament allows you to lift the buckle for easy adjustment to be pushed.
 Adjustable heel: It reinforces the high part of the heel and improvement close the shoe around him. Heel retention device squeezes the top heel so that the heel will not slide during steep climbs or esprines. Each side of the heel can be independently adjusted for a perfect fit. This system has a light weight, easy to use, and replaceable. For additional cycling safety, new adjustable heel device includes a reflective inserts for improved visibility in dark conditions.
 Heel 5 Millenium: The reinforced heel keeps the foot in the optimal position and avoids the shoe may become deformed by extreme performance or prolonged pressure.
Sole coal Vent: this sole allows for a transfer of higher power, due to its light weight and stiffness, but is also very comfortable in warm climates since it includes an integrated opening and air channels for air current and thermal dissipation. The opening can be open or close to improve comfort during the 4 seasons. The sole Carbon Vent is handmade exclusively with carbon fiber woven with an orientation as opposed to angles which maximizes stiffness while allowing a small Flex in the toe area. This relieves tension in the tendon of the sole of the foot and helps promote circulation. It also includes a small wad of replaceable polyurethane that improve walking.
On the other hand we have the SIDI Genius 7, a model of range mean that it incorporates many of the latest technologies of SIDI and it allows us to keep a great shoe at a contained price.
Microfiber Micro Tech This fiber is manufactured using water treatment of the « Water Tech » to achieve a fiber resistant, stable, lightweight, water repellent and ecological.
Soft instep closure The broad belt anatomically curves, combined with a soft EVA Thermo-shaped pillow, distributes pressure regularly by the instep area. This system is adjustable on both sides to perfectly Center the EVA pad over a high instep or low and eliminates the need for an extra high instep. In addition, it is replaceable.
Micrometric closing It is adjustable by lifting the central buckle even on the run.
High security Velcro It has a strap with integrated locking polymer teeth, that engage with each other when the belt is closed. This trait makes safe closing and the belt does not move.
SIDI heel The reinforced heel keeps the foot in the optimal position and prevents deformation of the shoe by extreme performance or prolonged pressure.
Heel 5 Millenium The replaceable polyurethane heel pad allows you to walk more comfortably with the new design and is very light.
Outsole 5 Millenium: It builds carbon fiber injected into a nylon matrix. This infusion of carbon in nylon fiber increases only rigidity and durability, ensuring optimum performance with extended wear and temperature changes.

Available in these colors and variety of sizes.

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