BMC TeamMachine SLR02 also with disc brakes

After the upgrade of the TeamMachine model for the 2018 season, the Swiss firm BMC Bikes continues to show small surprises in the TeamMachine SLR02, as we have observed whilst preparing this article.

Notable,  with this particular model the surprises come are obvious with the group Ultegra DI2, with the new hydraulic Ultegra brakes and the specific tweaks that they have undertaken.  Added to this are the new technologies used by BMC in the manufacture of the frame.  For example,  the creation of virtual prototypes, the analysis of load distribution and the analysis of the forces induced by the braking system.

The Teammachine now has an improved seat post; it is now round-headed and flat from behind and has a slight setback, which gives it greater bending capacity and damping of vibrations when on the road. If you support the forearm on the saddle and push back and down you notice the flexion.

The Shimano Ultegra RT800 hydraulic brakes feature ICE Tech Freeza technology that offers superior heat dispersion in comparison to existing road disk systems. The brake disc is constructed with three sandwich-type layers (steel/aluminium alloy/steel), which gives it stiffness and hardness through its steel layers and allows it to radiate the heat of the braking quickly through the aluminium core. This will achieve drops on the surface temperature of about 50 ° C, which in combination with the Ice Tech brake pads with cooling fins can reach about 100 º C. This allows for more intuitive control and excellent overall braking performance.

ACE – Accelerated Composites Evolution Technology: Through software digitally simulates each stage of the creation of the new carbon frame. In the laboratories of Impec I + D Lab in Grenchen, Switzerland development virtual prototypes to optimize virtually the geometric structure, cross-sections and carbon components to ensure that any physical prototype produced is what As close as possible to the final product.

Premium Light Carbon: The technicians of the Impec Lab studied the different carbon laminates to define the strongest, at the same time lightweight construction for the Teammachine. In each watt that applies to its pedals, the Teammachine proves not to be a simple marketing claim, it is a competitive advantage.

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Integration: In BMC the brain has been much squeezed to find new ways to integrate the cables and other components with the frame without sacrificing the performance and also give it an elegant look, while protecting them from wear. The Teammachine has skillfully concealed the Di2 system junction box and provided an internal wiring system that facilitates maintenance and prevents annoying noises. It also comes with a power support to place a computer and a video camera.

DTi – Dual Transmission Integration: The cabling system is compatible with both traditional mechanical changes and the Shimano DI2 system electronics. The DTi system allows the cables to be guided so that it can be easily changed between mechanical and electronic changes. This will give you total freedom when it comes to choosing Exchange groups.

The small improvements in the integration of the wiring, the support for the cyclo-computer or a video camera are brilliant ideas that prevent you from filling the handlebar with accessories leaving you with a cleaner and more streamlined look.  Check out this bike in person by visiting one of our Bike Point Tenerife shop in El Médano or Las Américas.

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