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The Shimano RP3W is a comfortable, efficient expert-level shoe for the club and recreational cyclist. Constructed from a supple, stretch-resistant synthetic leather upper with open mesh panels for optimal breathability, keeping your feet cool so you don’t need to worry about overheating. The shoes fasten using two dual off-set straps and low-profile micro-adjust buckle which is easy to adjust even when riding the bike to allow for fine tension adjustment. Lightweight glass fibre reinforced nylon soles with adaptable cupped insoles provide optimum pedalling efficiency and comfort while a flexible arch in the sole adapts to the height of the foot arch to ensure pedalling stability. Compatible with both SPD-SL and SPD cleats the RP3’s are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. If you want a great performing pair of shoes with a wallet-friendly price tag then look no further than the new Shimano RP3.


  • Secure closure, two hook & loop straps plus a buckle for a firm fit.
  • Off-set Strap relieves tension at highest point of the foot
  • Supple padded tongue feels great
  • Women's specific fit for more natural, comfortable fit
  • Light weight glass fiber reinforced nylon sole for power transfer



Where Can You Get This ?

  • In either of our shops in El Médano or Las Americas
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