East Coast Climbing Challenge Tour

Tour Description

On this tour we will ride more gentle hills. So at the end you will recognize that you cycled loads of altimeters and you didn’t notice it. There will be just one real climb that you need to cycle. We will start with cycling from Las Americas, Los Cristianos and Las Chafiras, more to the east on the island. After Las Chafiras we reach finally more rural roads and via San Isidro and Chimiche we come on de TF 28 “the old road”. Also called the “rolling hills” because of the nice and easy climbing. We are cycling through picturesque Canarian villages with a beautiful view over the north Atlantic ocean on our right side.

When we reach Arico Viejo, the last one of the three Arico villages, it is possible that the riders of the short tour already stop for their break, while the head cycling group will go on till Fasnia. There we begin to climb to the highest point of the cycling tour, to the village of La Zarza, where we have a nice view over whole the east coast.

After a short steep decend we will cycling back to Arico Viejo where we will have our break before we will drop down to Poris de Abona. There begins the one and only real climb in a beautiful area with a lot of windmills. We will climb back over nice tarmac and a quiet road what will lead us to the first of the Arico Villages, Villa de Arico. After that we follow de TF 28 back to the coast in Las Americas with a more serious climbing session half way, to Granadilla.

  • Tour Day: Fridays
  • Tour Levels: Intermediate / Advance
  • Your tour guide will be: Cylcing Guide Tenerife

Tour Difficulty Level Details

  • Distance: 100km
  • Climb: 1850M
  • Distance: 128km
  • Climb: 2450M

What’s Included

  • Included 2 energy bars
  • 1 energy gel
  • Isotonic drinks
  • Lunch and a small break

What’s Not Included

  • Bike hire
  • No pick up transfer included. Pick up by bike by the guide or without bike in Bikepoint shop

Tour Price

  • Advance Tour Level: 80€ (100km)
  • Professional Tour Level: 90€ (128km)

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