Santiago del Teide Mountainbiketocht

  • Toer beschrijving

    No racing experience needed as the aim of this tour is to go at a relaxing pace and focus enjoying the day rather than speed and adrenalin. We try to aim for a 3h ride and all tours will have the possibility of you doing it with an E-MTB if you prefer.  This tour can be adapted to the demand/level of the riders.

    This tour will start from Santiago del Teide where we will take a steep climb up to the lush and green part of the island.  Here we will ride over rocky trails which will lead us to to the famous and beautiful “Arenas Negras”, which is black volcanic lava landscape that offers some spectacular points of interest.

    Santiago mountain bike tour tenerife

    Please note that the tour does not include the provision of a MTB bike.  You may bring your own or you can hire one of our VIP hardtail MTB for 39€ per day or an aluminium MTB for just 24€ per day.


  • Inbegrepen in deze Tour

    Tour type package: Normal Tour

    • Expert guide
    • Water
    • Transfers

  • Moeilijkheidsniveau van excursie

    Eenvoudig niveau

    Afstand: 30kmkm
    Hoogtemeters: 750mmtr
    Conditie 4
    Technisch 2

    Tour Duration:  2-3hrs

  • Beschikbare huurfietsen

    Gelieve op het boekingsformulier aan te duiden of je een fiets nodig hebt voor deze toer. Wij reserveren fietsen via onze website helaas enkel voor een periode van 3 dagen of meer. We verontschuldingen ons voor het ongemak.

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Rafa Tours

Raffa Tours organizes mtb and e-bike cycling tours. Their tours can be arranged on an individual or group basis and customised to the requirements of the client. Working closely with the Bike Point team Raffa Tours aims to offer the highest quality quality service and maximum enjoyment for their clients.




60€ (Zonder fiets)*

* Betaling in cash aan de gids op de dag van de toer

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