Professional Biomechanics

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Bikes are designed to be perfectly symmetrical, unlike our bodies which are not perfectly asymmetric. As a result of this unevenness, many riders may find that their bikes are not optimally adjusted to their specific asymmetries, which may result in reduced performance or injury. At Bike Point we offer a professional bike fitting service to improve the comfort and performance of your ride. All bike fittings are undertaken by our trained fitting specialist Joaquín David who can assist you in either Spanish or English. He has over 25 years of injury-free competition experience in all bike categories: MTB, road bike, BMX, and endurance.


We have 3 different bike fitting options:

Option 1:  Basic

A basic one that is only to know the appropriate bike size and peripherals (stem, type of saddle …) and make sure that your position on the bike is correct.
Price: 100€

Option 2:  Intermediate

Our intermediate level includes a specific case study on problems that focuses on muscle aches to injuries. This is a complete troubleshooting solution.
Price: 150€

Option 3: Improve performance

The last option is for those looking to improve their performance. This is a detailed case study that includes aerodynamics, maximizing overall performance and efficiency.
Price: 200€

Bicycle assembly is only possible by appointment. (


Extra Information:

 In options 1 and 2 we will use a Wahoo Kickr to optimize the easy fit and test the correct bike setup.Kickr Bike Fitting Bike Point Tenerife Bike Hire & Bike Rental

For option 3, all analysis will be done on your bike, mounted on a Wahoo roller. We use STT 2D software technology to calculate the exact angles and settings that would work best for you. The STT software will help us better understand how to adjust the settings, resulting in better efficiency at your position and pedalling. In both stages, we start from the bottom by adjusting the cleats of your shoes. Saddle type adjustment is also included in these two options.

In option 3 we start with a short interview to better understand your needs. This will help us to focus on achieving your goal in the best way. Please bring for all three fittings your shoes/pedals and your cycling short.