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Platano Climb Tour

  • Tour Description

    A circular route of medium level by the south coast of Tenerife and “Medianías”. We leave from Armeñime, in descending terrain and we ride parallel to the sea until the entrance of the Playa San Juan. From here we will climb for 9 kilometres to reach Guía de Isora, and approach Chio due to a coffee stop. After the relaxing and chatting time, we will descend again to Guía de Isora and we will continue descending to Armeñime, the final point of our route.

  • Included In This Tour

    Tour type package: Normal Tour

  • Tour Difficulty


    Tour Distance: 70km
    Climb: 1150mtr
    Physical 3
    Technical 2

    Tour Duration:  3 - 3.5hrs

  • Available Bikes For Rent

    If you would like to rent a bike for this tour please consult our tour guide. Unfortunately, we only rent bike via our website for a minimum period of 3 days. We apologies for the inconvenience.

tour operator

Tour operated by:
Tenerife Bike Adventures

Tour Day:


Tour Price

50€ (without bike)*

82€ (with bike)*

* Payment made in cash to the tour guide on the day of the activity

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